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About Winkl

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Content Promotion, Moderation & Analytics

Monetising Your Content

About Winkl

What is Winkl?

Winkl is a platform for all types of content creators to create their website or a blog in under a minute. Other than helping widen your audience+reach, Winkl also helps you monetize your content through relevant brand collaborations.

How will Winkl benefit me?

Winkl helps you be the best creator you can be. Right from making it easy for you to create your own website, blog or a portfolio from your phone in under a minute, to helping you reach the right audiences and monetising your content. Winkl does the work for you. So that you can focus on the what you're good at - creating amazing content!

Do I need to know coding before starting a blog?

Absolutely not! Anyone passionate about something in the world can sign up.

How do I get started on Winkl?

Step 1 - Sign up on Winkl

Step 2 - Choose a theme that you like from our range of beautiful themes or request for further customisation.

Step 3 - Start posting!

Is Winkl Free?

It is! Winkl has a free plan and a premium plan. The free plan will remain free forever!

New to Winkl

How do I buy a custom domain for my website?

You can buy a domain through any Internet domain registrar and web hosting companies like Godaddy. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you face any difficulties with the process.

What is Winkl Premium Plan?

Currently we have the Free plan and Winkl premium plan. If you are on the Free plan, you can choose to upgrade your website at any point and get a custom domain along with other features. Here’s the pricing for Winkl premium:

Rs.599/month for 3 month

Rs.549/month for 6 months

Rs.449/month for 12 months

For custom plans please contact us

How do I create posts on Winkl?

You can create posts once you have created your website. If you are using the desktop version, you will see a “Create” button on top right of the screen, highlighted in Green.

If you are using the Winkl mobile app on your android or iOS phone, click on the ‘+’ tab on the bottom center of your screen.

How can I change the theme/design of my website?

You can choose your website theme from our default theme options. Change colour of any theme as you like. If you wish to get a fully customised theme for your website, you can avail this feature if you’re on Winkl premium subscription.

How do I change images on the slideshow banner on my website? (for desktop themes)

Log into your Dashboard Click on Change themes Choose theme Click on Customize

What is the difference between 'Winks' and 'Blog Posts' on Winkl?

Wink (Bite sized posts)

Wink by Winkl is a new way to start micro-blogging. It's tailor made for mobile and not just mobile responsive. Creating Winks is the perfect way to create content for today's audience, 70% of which consumes your content on mobile. You can create just one Wink card or multiple as a series. Wink brings together the best of Instagram stories and the good old blogging.

Blog (Elaborate posts)

Start with writing your draft in the app and never lose track of your thoughts. You can create a long post with text, links, embed videos and pictures, from anywhere and anytime. Winkl is simple to use. You’ll love it.

When should I create a Wink and when should I create a long post?

You can create a Wink in three situations:

  1. When you want to test the subject of your next blogpost. You can collect feedback and check stats for your Winks. Based on this you can decide to make a blogpost.
  2. When you want to create bite sized posts with less content and more visuals
  3. When you want to post only bite sized visual content or written content

How do I change images on the slideshow banner on my website? (for desktop themes)

Log into your Dashboard Click on Change themes Choose theme Click on Customize

Importing Content

I already have a blog on Wordpress, Blogspot, Wix, Weebly etc, can I import my existing content from there to my Winkl website?

Yes you can. You can use the ‘Import Blog’ feature on your Winkl website.

  1. Sign up on Winkl
  2. Go to manage my website
  3. Click on Import content button on the dashboard
  4. Or just reach out to us for help


Step 1: Go to your Wordpress account and look for settings/tools.

Step 2: Now look for export option. You’ll be able to download a .zip file.

Step 3: Unzip the zip file, you’ll get an .xml file.

Step 4: Login to Winkl, go to your website, look for manage option on the top right, now look for import content option on the left.

Step 5: Upload the .xml file and your content will be imported.

Alternatively, you can email the .zip file to us and we’ll upload the content for you.


Step 1: Go to your Blogspot account and look for settings.

Step 2: Now look for backup option. You’ll be able to download a .zip file.

Step 3: Email the .zip file to us and we’ll upload the content for you.

Please provide us 24-48 hours before this process is completed.

If you are on other platforms like Wix, Weebly etc., please mail us and our team will help you further.

Content Promotion, moderation & Analytics

How can I check the performance of my content?

You can check your website/post stats easily in one-click from your Winkl app or web under ‘Stats’ section. Check your views, likes, subscribers- daily, weekly or monthly.

Can I add google analytics to my blog?

Step 1 - Go to Google Analytics

Step 2 - Apply for an account

Step 3 - Google will give you a code, copy that code

Step 4 - Paste that code under "Google Analytics" section on your blog dashboard

How do I filter comments on my posts?

Log into your dashboard Manage Comments

What is Winkl Community?

Winkl Community is India’s first ever community for content creators where they can share their content, feedback, advice, ideas and ask for help. This is an effort to bring the community together and help them grow together.

Monetising Your Content

How do I earn money from my blog/website?

Winkl partners with Brands and other organisations to fetch the most relevant collaborations for content creators. Once a brand collaboration is matched with the right set of creators, we enable a smooth campaign/collaboration between the both. The incentives include advertising for money, barter of products or cross-promotion through features.

You can also integrate Google adsense into your website and earn through that.

How do I integrate Google Adsense to my Winkl Website?

You need to apply for an adsense account with google. Once they are approve your request, get back to us with the pin and we will integrate it with your website on Winkl.

How do I get brand collaborations?

Creators are chosen through some parameters which we feel are the pillars of the content creation journey. If you are an avid content creator who is dedicated to what you do, opportunities will be just around the corner! :)

How do I get featured on Winkl?

Follow Winkl’s featured space, where our editorial team carefully curates the best content. If you want to be featured on Winkl, reach out to us on Support.

What is 'Vanity Wink'?

Vanity Wink is India’s first e-magazine for content creators and influencers, by Winkl. We release one issue every month. Vanity Wink has a readership of 5000+ currently. Some of the most influential content creators have contributed for the e-magazine. You can access the latest Vanity Wink issue in your mailbox if you’re subscribed to Winkl.

To read all the previous Vanity Wink issues, click here.

Got any question that hasn’t crossed our mind yet? Feel free to ask any other queries that you may have. Click here to reach the help section.